A sustainable approach for the future of tourism

YAANA Ventures started its journey in 1993 with the travel company Khiri Travel, which is still central in the company’s portfolio of sustainable travel ventures. Founder Willem Niemeijer wanted to create a diferent approach on tourism in the region. A more sustainable way that not only benefts tourists but also locals. YAANA Ventures (Khiri Travel, GROUND, Anurak Lodge and Cardamom Tented Camp) present a new way of tourism with the same key values.

Based on the Triple Bottom Line (people, planet, proft) YAANA Ventures strives to give equal importance to the company’s impact on the people and planet, as well as the proft it makes.

After traveling to Asia for the frst time, to Indonesia in 1982, he recognized the opportunities for the travel industry in the region. Mr. Niemeijer arrived in Thailand on a job ofer in 1987 and soon fell in love with the country and its people. In the future Mr. Niemeijer sees many changes. Global Tourism Arrivals are growing exponentially and expected to reach 1.8 billion annually by 2030, with the largest increase expected in the Asia Pacifc region.