Dylan Keota

Hailing from California, Dylan is a seasoned professional in the realm of private equity and venture capital, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the table.

Dylan’s journey started with a foray into entrepreneurship as an analyst at YAANA Ventures, where he successfully launched multiple ventures in the hospitality and tourism sector.. This early exposure to building businesses laid the foundation for his career in private equities.

His remarkable tenure at ECG Venture Capital showcased Dylan’s exceptional leadership skills as he oversaw one of Thailand’s largest non-corporate backed VC fund. Under his guidance, the company expanded its reach and influence globally, establishing itself as a significant player in the venture capital landscape.

In 2022, Dylan co-founded A2D Ventures, one of Southeast Asia’s leading angel investing platforms that expanded into creating their own venture capital fund, investing primarily in early stage technology companies.

Dylan’s strategic acumen and keen investment instincts are evident in his noteworthy investments in leading tech companies such as Polestar and Lotus Tech, alongside investing into top-tier funds from around the world. These ventures have solidified his reputation as a trailblazer within Thailand’s vibrant and rapidly evolving technology and fund management ecosystem.