What does “YAANA” mean?

YAANA means ‘journey’ in Sanskrit. An appropriate moniker for the event.

What are the aims of YAANA Corporate Challenge?

  • To present a corporate networking and fundraising event that is centered around sustainability and conservation themes highlighting the natural wonders, landscape and travel of southeast Asia.
  • To engage progressive corporates toward health, sustainability and making an impact.

What is the nature of the YAANA Corporate Challenge?

It is not a race but rather a bike tour program that allows participants to experience the natural beauty within ASEAN and celebrate sustainable hospitality and responsible tourism with like-minded corporate leaders and colleagues while pushing yourself physically and mentally for a good cause. YAANA Corporate Challenge is all about impact and sustainability.

What is the “challenge”?

  • For like-minded corporates to come together for:
      fundraising for a good cause
      advocacy on sustainability issues especially in the travel and hospitality sector.
  • The challenge will be two-fold: physical/mental (the actual bike ride) and fundraising (corporate teams will compete for top fundraising levels).

What are the opportunities for my business?

  • Networking with like-minded business leaders and friends
  • International PR for your corporate participation.
  • Galvanize intra-company support and esprit de corps.
  • Provide a practical opportunity for your company to set the pace as a sustainability leader.

Why a bike tour?

A bike tour is quintessentially symbolic for progressive, sustainable travel and hospitality. It promotes physical and mental health, while also exposing participants to amazing, picturesque countryside to further strengthen individual and corporate resolve about sustainability issues.

What are the requirements?

  • Individual participants to cover their own cost of the bike tour so that all fundraising can be donated 100% to the beneficiary.
  • Individual participants to participate in a fundraising campaign, eg. GoFundMe, for the event.
  • Prepare to participate (and be healthy) in the 2-day bike program.