Mark D. Remijan

Mark joined Willem in 2011 as partner and CFO of Khiri Travel Group. Together they founded YAANA Ventures and began to build out the YAANA Ventures’ business network across the travel, tourism, hospitality and travel technology sectors in Asia. More recently they founded VHG Hospitality Asia and are launching their maiden Visama Opportunity Fund.

A resident of Southeast Asia for over 30 years, Mark is passionate about all things business, particularly in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector. He believes in delivering exceptional service value to guests and brand differentiation and bottom-line results to companies through innovative business models,
performance-driven management, strong corporate values, and sensible technology solutions.

Mark previously co-launched several businesses, including Bed Management Company in 2004 and Ativa Hospitality in 2008, a specialist boutique hotel management company with a strong focus on sustainability and community experience.

Mark is the chief architect of HMP Master Systems, an industry-transforming, cloud-based 360° solution for managing hotels, serviced apartments, and long-term resident rentals.

He graduated from MIT in Mechanical Engineering and from The Wharton School with an MBA in Finance with Honors. Mark speaks seven languages to varying degrees of proficiency and sits on the Boards of two public companies in Thailand, BuilderSmart (BSM including ASA) and Chow Steel Industries (CHOW).